Turkey Straw Topper

My Girlies love sipping lemonade with a straw, drinking water with a straw, and blowing bubbles in their milk with a straw.  (The bubbles part drives me nutto, but hey, they’re kids.)  Everything tastes better and is more fun with a  festive straw!   Gobble gobble – here comes the turkey straw topper.

Turkey Straw Topper | Our Rosey Life

For our Thanksgiving Day feast, I decided to make the Girlies pretty striped straws with a turkey straw topper.  After thinking about all the Thanksgiving themes, I chose a turkey.  After all, what is Thanksgiving without a turkey?

The turkey straw topper was very easy to make, especially with my Silhouette Cameo.  I chose this Silhouette turkey design, added 2 cut lines to hold the straw and deleted the circle.  I resized it to 2.3″ x 2.3″ and then cut them on brown card stock.  Soooo simple.

turkey Silhouette shape | Our Rosey Life

I selected “card stock plain”, but it wasn’t cutting all the way through.  I guess my card stock was a little thicker.  I adjusted my settings to Speed: 3, Thickness: 33 and Blade: 5 and the cuts were good.  I share my settings with you, because I like to share.  And why fumble around with settings anyway.  We need to get to the sipping straws part of the story.

Turkey Straw Topper | Our Rosey Life


After cutting, I grabbed my ink pads in reds, yellows, oranges and pink (because girl turkeys have pink feathers) and added some swishes of color.  The Girlies could help with this part, but it’s a surprise, so they didn’t, but they could have.   The swishes of ink make the turkey feathers brighter!

I can’t wait to see the smiles on the Girlie’s faces when they see the straws and the turkey straw topper!  There will be some happy straw sipping kiddos on Thanksgiving day!


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