Simple Thing Sunday:: Sandy Hands and Seashells

Simple Thing Sunday:: Sandy Hands and SeashellsFor Simple Thing Sunday::  I’m remembering the pure happiness of sandy hands and seashells.

I like simple things.  I like simple moments.  It’s no secret that I take pictures to try to capture the simple, everyday moments that tell the story of our family life.

Recently, we returned from our spring vacation and I was looking through all the pictures I took.  I kept coming back to this one, because it reminds me that our kids are happy with simple things.  No fancy vacation needed.  A happy day is playing with some sand and finding seashells while the waves roll onto the beach.




  1. Love it! Love getting sandy at the beach and looking for shells and digging in the wet sand. I’m looking forward to my daughter being a little older so she is more self-sustaining at the beach, and less ‘no don’t try to drown yourself in the water baby’. Simple things that bring happy moments are my favourite.

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