Our Little Girl is Eight

Some days are extra special.  This is one of those days for me.Sunset at home

Eight years ago, Mr. Rosey and I went to the hospital around 7am.  I was hooked up to monitors and given some medicine.  While we waited, we watched the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane.   It’s one of those chick kinda flicks.  9 months pregnant, he wisely let me pick.  *sigh*  I like the story and seeing beautiful Italy and I wanted to watch something without guns and violence and action.  Besides there was plenty of action going on in our hospital room… or there would be soon.Little Miss C

A few short hours later, right after the movie ended, our lovely daughter was born.  She was a cute 7 pounds with very little hair and her great-grandmother’s nose.  Her little fingers were perfectly clenched in fists and she had the most wonderful cry.  We worked hard to bring Little Miss C into the world and we both cried when we saw her for the first time.  She was lovely and healthy and perfection!100_1311.JPG

Today she is eight years old.  Instead of clenched fists, she uses her fingers for arts and crafts particularly making rubber band bracelets.  Gymnastics is her favorite sport and it’s normal to see her cartwheeling around the house.  I’d say her favorite subject in second grade is gym and math.  She likes to read books.  For her birthday dinner, she wants clam chowder, meat loaf and a mix of veggies with a lemon birthday cake.  She has a gentle, kind soul.  I bet she’ll grow up to be an interior designer or artist or something creative with math thrown in there somehow.  She and her big sister are best friends… most of the time.  And she still has her great-grandmother’s nose and now also her pretty blue eyes.  Little Miss C is still perfection and we are so very blessed!
M&C 2011 pix-1

Happy 8th Birthday sweet girl!



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