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Hazy morning autumn | Our Rosey Life

When I wake up each morning, after the immediate basic necessities are done (no details needed here – insert smiley face ) I look out the window.  I look out the window to check the weather.  Is it sunny?  Is it raining or snowing?

After I’ve done the quick weather mental check, I pause.  Even on the hurried school day mornings, I take a moment and I focus and I reflect on whatever beauty I see.  I say a quick prayer of thanks and I let the beauty fill my soul.

I am ready to begin my day.

We are fortunate to live with a forest preserve behind our home, so each season has its own magical view.  My view this morning was a foggy haze with just a peek of the sunrise.  It was glorious!

Snow covered bird's nest | Our Rosey Life

Last winter I looked out the window at the snow-covered landscape and saw a bird’s nest filled with snow.  There was something about that bird’s nest filled with a plop of snow that made me smile.  Like somehow that frozen snowball would help keep the shape of the bird’s nest intact, so when spring rolled around, the nest would be ready for mama bird and her babies.

So today, I encourage you to stop for a moment, look out your window and find something beautiful to appreciate.  Maybe it’s the reds and golds of the autumn leaves on a tree.  Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of a crowded city street with a passerby walking her dog.  Maybe it’s your kids playing kickball in the yard.

Whatever your magical view is from your window, I hope you’ll take a moment for yourself to let the beauty touch your soul and appreciate your magic at home.


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  1. Love your theme and the little bit of “Majic” that you’re finding!

    • Thanks Patty. I like it too. I just hope I can write for the whole month. It’s funny, because I have absolutely no plan for what I’m going to write about each day and that’s kinda freakin’ me out. The planner in me is freakin’ out. Whatever I come up with, I hope you enjoy reading!

  2. Mary Colleen Loftus says:

    What a gorgeous shot. You have a back for taking breathtaking pictures!

    • Thanks Mary Colleen. I’m always working to take better pictures. Now I just need to learn how to use my new camera and hopefully the pictures will get even better.

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