Magic New Chair – The 5 Lessons I Learned


Magic New Chair - The 5 Lessons I Learned - Our Rosey Life

Once upon a time, there was a chair.

Not just any chair, but a magic new chair!

And so the story goes…

One week, I went looking for a new chair for our family room.  I sat in many, many, many chairs.  Some were too big.  Some were too small.  Some were too squishy.  Some were too short.  Some were too colorful.  Some were just ugly.

I needed a specific kind of magical chair for Mimi (who is my mother-in-law).  Because of her back pain, she needs a firm seat and a straight back.  On previous visits, she would sit in this old, ugly, fraying, maroon desk chair.  I was embarrassed every time that thing came up from the basement.

As you know, things in the basement should stay in the basement.  And no, I’m not going to show you that ugly basement chair.

Magic New Chair - And the Lessons I Learned - Our Rosey Life

So the hunt for the perfect chair continued.

One day I was browsing a store, when I saw the chair.  I thought it looked interesting AND cool, but u-n-c-o-m-f-o-r-t-a-b-l-e, so I kept on walking.  But that chair stayed in my head, so I circled back around and decided to sit.

This uncomfortable looking chair was… comfortable.  I stood up and admired the dark, woven seagrass design with the straight back.  I liked the curve of the arms.  It had a cool and different look than a traditional fabric wingback chair.  So I sat again.  Yep.  It’s comfortable.  But I still wasn’t sure, so I left the store.

Magic New Chair - And the Lessons I Learned - Our Rosey Life

Every time I went into the store, I’d look for my magic new chair.  I’d circle it.  I’d sit in it.  I’d step back and admire it.  Yep.  I love this chair!  And I knew exactly where she would go in our family room.  Of course, the magic new chair is a she.

I took Mr. Rosey and the Girlies to the store to sit in the chair.  Papa Bear sat in the chair and gave an affirmative nod of his head.  The Baby Bears each sat in the chair and shrugged their shoulders, because sometimes Baby Bears don’t really care.  Mama Bear sat in the chair and smiled again, so she called Mimi Bear and asked her to go to the store and sit in the chair, too.

Waiting….waiting….waiting… and the phone rang.  Mimi Bear liked the chair too!

Finally, after six months, I bought the chair and I still love it today!

And they all lived happily ever after with the magic new chair.

Magic New Chair - And the Lessons I Learned - Our Rosey Life

So what’s the moral of this story (also known as the 5 lessons I learned)??

  1. Know what you need in a chair.  Is it size?  Is it firmness?  Is it shape?  Is it color?
  2. Be sure to sit in a lot of chairs, so you can feel a difference.
  3. Sit how you will sit in the chair – feet curled under your bum or legs over the arm or prim and proper with your feet on the ground.  However you like to sit, make sure the chair fits your sit.
  4. Don’t buy spontaneously.  Leave the store.  If you’re still thinking about that chair one or two or 24 weeks later and still love it, then buy it.
  5. Most importantly, buy what you love!

As a side note, I bought the chair at Pottery Barn and they have no idea I love this chair.

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  1. If only we all took the time to think about decisions! I’m glad you finally got your chair and that you love it now :-) I am convinced that we should have no furniture in our house at all…my kids are destroying it. Note to self, do not buy white furniture pre-kids not thinking about kids ever in that equation :-)
    Heather recently posted…{31 Days} Preparing for Baby # 3 – Homeschooling with a NewbornMy Profile

    • Hi Heather. Oh my gosh. I totally understand – between kids and the husband! We recently bought a new couch and I made sure it was slipcovered. I’ve washed the slipcover at least 5 times and it looks brand new…still (fingers crossed).

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