What I Learned – Decorating a Fall Mantel with a Flat Screen TV

Fall Mantle with a tv 2013This is the first time I’ve decorated a mantel with a big ol’ flat screen television hanging over it.  I tried googling ideas and there really isn’t much out in blogland.

Hmmm… What’s a girl to do?

Jump right in, of course, and see where the creative wind blows.  So I did and I thought I’d share the five things I learned while decorating our mantel for fall… with a television smack dab in the middle.

1) Shop your home and use what you love.
I didn’t buy anything new for our mantel, except for the pumpkins and gourds.  I love natural elements.  I like faux pumpkins if I’m painting them or bedazzling them.  Otherwise, it’s the ala natural for me.

2) Play up the hearth to pull the eye down from the big ol’ tv.
Fall Mantle with tv CollageI placed a big wicker basket, which we use for firewood and the fireplace tools on the right side.  I also moved the seagrass wingback chair closer to the hearth.

On the other side, I decided to make a gratitude tree.  I’ll share more details on how to make one and why I did in a few days.

3) Balance out both sides of the mantel and hearth.
Fall Mantle LHS & RHS CollageI created two different vignettes, which just so happen to be on either size of the big black rectangle.  On the left, I framed Little Miss C’s favorite prayer and propped some Indian corn with ribbon and a small pumpkin next to the frame.

On the right, I filled a lantern with gourds, added a pumpkin and pinecone.  I thought it needed some height, so waaa laaa…. a cutting board and candlestick were added to complete the right vignette.

4) Use something to connect both sides of the mantel.
I thought the mantel was finished and the more I stared at it, I knew it wasn’t.  *hmmmm*  Fall Mantle without garlandSo I stared some more.. and left the room… and came back to stare some more and decided I didn’t like the gladiolas and pumpkin pile.  That’s when the idea for a gratitude tree popped into my head.  I stared some more and taaa daaa… a garland.  Sometimes ides just need to percolate a little bit.

Fall Mantle with tv & garlandOh yes.  Don’t you think the garland was the perfect thing to connect both sides of the mantel visually?  Yep.  Me too.  The garland was super easy to make and I’ll give you all the scoop in a few days.

5) Just do it.  Something festive is better than nothing at all.
Back to seeing where the wind blows…  I didn’t have a clear picture of how I was going to decorate around the tv.  By placing something, moving something, changing something and adding something, I got to a festive fall mantel!  You can too!

Please come back next month and I’ll share our Christmas mantel.  I wonder if Mr. Rosey will let me wrap the tv in Christmas paper???


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  1. Love it Michele. Can’t wait to see your christmas one. And I would guess that not only your husband would hate the wrapping paper, but so would the children.

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