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How beautiful a day can be when-kindness-touches it - Our Rosey LifeWe created a Thankful Tree in the fall and it was wonderful to acknowledge what we were thankful for each day and a good way to count our blessings.  For this season of Lent as we prepare for the Easter celebration, I really wanted to do something positive as a family.  So we created our Kindness Tree as part of our spring mantel and it is one way for us to remember to be kind, to be loving, and to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness… ~Galatians 5:22

Kindess-Tree-Our Rosey LifeEach day, we each write one kind thing we did on the circle and hang it on our Kindness Tree.  Mr. Rosey and I do too.Kindess-Tree-Our Rosey Life 2

Kindness comes in many forms.  Kindness can be holding the door open for a stranger or helping a friend with a math problem in school or telling someone they have a nice smile or playing with your dog who has been waiting all day for you to come home or making your bed without being asked to or a kiss on a scraped knee to help it feel better.

Kindness-Tree - Our Rosey Life

I created a little vignette with our Kindness Tree.  In the lantern, I added a bird’s nest and eggs and put that atop some books.  I even sprinkled some of the small crosses from the punch on the books (makes me smile).  Then I added a white plate to hold the note cards and pen, so they are within easy reach for everyone…simple.Kindness-Tree by Our Rosey Life

If you’d like to make a Kindness Tree for your home, it is super simple and inexpensive.  I grabbed some branches from the yard (luckily the snow had melted so I could find some) and stood them in a tall vase.  I added some rocks to weigh the vase down.  I certainly don’t want our Kindness Tree to topple over and crash on the ground.  Yikes!  Then I wrapped some pink polka-dot burlap around the vase that I had in my ribbon stash.  Love polka-dots.

Kindess-Tree-Our Rosey Life 5For the notecards, I used a 3″ scallop punch to make each circle with colorful card  stock and then used a cross punch for decoration.  I love the simplicity of the cross punch.  I added some bakers twine and waalaa… the notecards are ready to be written on and hung on the branches.

In a world where we see unkind things, it is a good reminder for our Girlies (and for us too) that there are more kind people in the world and kindness makes a difference.  There are many ways to be a kind person and each small gesture matters.  I love that we will have a tree full of kindness and when we celebrate Easter.  What special things do you do to prepare for Easter?




  1. What a wonderful thing to do. I just love this idea. The colors that you used for the tags are so pretty and I love the vignette you created with the lantern and nests. Thank you for linking up to the Swing Into Spring Vignette Party.

    • Awww thanks Suzy! Our family really likes our Kindness Tree and it is a gentle reminder to be kind each day. Thanks for hosting the Spring Vignette Party too – such fun.

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