How to Create a Spring Table Setting (or Summer too)

Oh My Gosh.  I realize I never shared my spring table setting for Easter with you.  Jeez.  Well…in all honesty, it could just as easily be a summer tablescape too.  So spring.  Or summer.  Let’s take a peek and enjoy how to create a spring table setting.

It all began with beautiful.

I do like beautiful.  And beautiful comes in many forms.  When our Girlies are playing and giggling, that touches my soul and is beautiful.  Staring out my kitchen window at the gorgeous expanse of nature with birds and flowers and blue skies and scattered, wispy clouds is beautiful.

I love when our whole family shares a meal.   I can sit back for a moment to see grinning faces and sparkling eyes, hear several different conversations going on around the table with laughter sprinkled in and forks clanking on the plate.   This is beautiful!  And the backdrop to our family sharing Easter brunch was a beautiful spring table setting.

Not as lovely as the people surrounding the table for sure, but a nice compliment to the sounds and sights of the brunch.

Spring Table Setting by Our Rosey Life

I didn’t buy anything new for the spring table setting, which I put together for Easter (except for the daffodils).  I would encourage you to do the same – not buy anything new except daffodils :-) .  Hunt around your home and I guarantee you’ll find lovely things to add to your table.

How to create a spring table setting | Our Rosey Life

Something I usually do when designing a table setting is to create layers.  Layers of color and layers of textures and layers of shapes come together to make an interesting design.

For our spring table setting, I began with a pale yellow tablecloth.  The next layer is a basic white, round dinner plate and then a square, turquoise plate, which I turned on the diagonal.  The last layered element is a fanned out yellow napkin with a pink, paper, flower napkin ring.  Add the flatware and glassware and you’re almost set.

How to create a spring table setting | Our Rosey Life

For each place setting, I designed pink place cards to compliment the pink flower napkin ring.  I debated on where and how to place the card and finally decided to weave it in the fork tongs.  Do you like that idea?

How to create a spring table setting | Our Rosey Life

For center of the table, I bought yellow daffodils and put them in mason jars with a twist of turquoise burlap.   Yep.  That’s just turquoise burlap.  Who knew?  Then I scattered different candles, little Easter bunnies and old Easter postcards between the flowers.  Oh yes.  I dropped some goodie bags at each child’s plate too.

And TAADAA!  A beautiful spring table setting for Easter brunch.

As much as I love the family sitting around the table enjoying brunch, I smile as I watch the kiddos  covertly looking for Easter eggs.

How to create a spring table setting | Our Rosey Life

So then after our brunch, we take a few pictures in our Easter finery and off the kiddos go… hunting for Easter eggs.  Happy Spring!

How to create a spring table setting | Our Rosey Life


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