My One Little Word 2014:: Magic

Magic - Our Rosey LifeLast year I discovered Ali Edwards.  I admire her creativity and perspective on capturing the simple moments in life.  I also love her one little word idea.  She has a wonderful workshop to explore my word on a monthly basis, which I took last year and am taking again this year.  You can read more about one little word here, if you are unfamiliar with it.

Last year I chose the word REJOICE and it had a wonderful impact on my life, far more than I ever anticipated.  The last few years had been difficult ones for me and I wanted gentle reminders to see the good things in my life.  The hurdles and challenges were mostly in the past and I wanted to celebrate and rejoice in simple, every day things.  I made rejoice part of my email signature and it was a gentle reminder.  Occasionally, I’d hear or read the word “rejoice” and I’d smile… another gentle reminder of the good things.  One time at church, I remember singing “This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad.”  I got teary-eyed and emotional and I just couldn’t sing out loud anymore without big tears.  But I was singing inside and feeling very grateful, for I knew I was rejoicing with my family beside me and with the Lord.  My journey with the word rejoice was healing and spiritual and heartfelt and joyous.  I think the word rejoice will always be special to me.

Twinkles Tooth Fairy Note Our Rosey LifeFor 2014, I hoped to find another special word and I think I have.  Time will tell.  Let me share the story of finding my word for this year from the beginning.  In the fall of 2013, Little Miss C lost another tooth.  We placed the tooth in a bag with a note Little Miss C wrote to Twinkles the Tooth Fairy and gently put it under her pillow.  In the morning, Twinkles left a cheery note with a dollar bill and lots of fairy dust.  There was fairy dust stuck to the dollar, stuck to the note, all over the pillow, all over the bed and all over Little Miss C’s hair.  Twinkles also sprinkled a little fairy dust on Big Sis M, Mommy and Mr. Rosey’s leg to help heal his boo-boo.  (That’s another story for another day.)  Little Miss C and Big Sis M were sooooo very excited and their joy was pure.  And purely innocent.  It was magical.

And that’s when I started thinking of magic.

Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder, the keeper of magic and dreams.” ~author unknown

sometimes we need a little magic

The more I thought about magic, the more I liked the idea of seeing the magic in our life, creating magical moments with our Girlies and family and friends, hoping to do some magical and inspiring things on Our Rosey Life, making magic at home, looking for the simple, magical moments in each day, and embracing hope and wonder and magic and dreams.

So I begin my journey with my one little word… magic.  I’m super excited to learn and explore as the year begins.  I’m sure Ali’s One Little Word workshop will help me too.

One idea I have is to create a photo journal and capture a magic moment each day.  I love the morning time.  After the Girlies are at school and Mr. Rosey has left for work, our home is quiet.  I like the magic of quiet.  I hope to take one picture each morning (or maybe in the afternoon or evening – gotta be flexible, right?) to capture a simple, every day moment of magic.  I’ll share on Instagram #michelelovesamagicmoment.  I’d love for you to follow along with me.


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