St. Valentine’s Day Wishes

Valentine's Day Wishes - Our Rosey LifeThe Valentine cards are signed and the goodies wrapped and the Girlies are ready for the school St. Valentine’s Day parties today.  Because they each donated $2 to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, they were able to wear pink and red clothes to school today, instead of the regular uniform.  Such a treat!

Bulls game - Our Rosey LifeLast night the Girlies got an even bigger Valentine surprise!  Mr. Rosey scored great seats for the Bulls / Nets basketball game and took his two favorite Valentines to the game.  They had a ball (ha ha, yes two basketballs were bought by Daddy for his Girlies, too).   And then to add even more sweetness to the night, they received red roses from Benny the Bull.roses from Benny the Bull - Our Rosey Life

Tonight, Mr. Rosey and I are going out for dinner and a movie…. nothing fancy, just a nice night out together.

And for you, I hope you have a sweet St. Valentine’s Day.  I am so grateful for your friendship and support.  I appreciate that you visit my little spot on the blogosphere and hopefully find something to brighten your day.  XOXOX



  1. What great fun to take those girls to a Bulls game…and then an evening out for you guys… BONUS!!

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