Five Minute Friday:: Hands

Five Minute Friday:: Hands by Our Rosey LifeI’m trying something new today.  It’s called Five Minute Friday.

A few weeks ago I found Lisa Jo Baker’s blog through my friend Lauren’s blog, The Thinking Closet.  Lauren had just written a post about being grateful, which I found moving and touching.  She wrote for five minutes straight without changing anything…just wrote freely and whatever thoughts ran from her brain to her fingertips to the screen stayed…unchanged.  It’s call free write and Lisa Jo Baker provides a prompt each week.  And beautiful people free write and share beautiful things.

In case you didn’t already know, I have some perfectionist tendencies.  Sometimes perfection is a good thing to aim for and makes me smile when a job is well done.  At other times, perfection is constraining and stressful and an impediment to progress.  At least it is for me.  So the idea of writing freely for 5 minutes, without changing a word is both terrifying, because what if I write a crappy sentence (I know, laugh – such awfulness!) and freeing, because I can just simply write without worrying about perfection.  I know I’ll be tempted to make changes, because that delete button is right by my pinkie finger and I could hit that button to change something and make it perfect, but I won’t.  Whatever comes out… comes out.  So here I go…

Five Minute Friday:: Hands by Our Rosey LifeFive Minute Friday:: Hands

One of my fondest things is holding hands.  I remember when my girls were young (not that they are old now), but little like toddlers.  And I’d reach down to grab her little hand and I’d look at her little hand and simply marvel at the beauty.  I’m responsible for this little hand.  God gave me this blessing and I get to love her and hold her little hand.  I get to love her and guide her as her little hands become bigger.  I get to watch what she does with her hands… hold a crayon for the first time…grab a bunch of sand to make a sandcastle…write her name…paint a picture of rainbows.Five Minute Friday:: Hands by Our Rosey Life

I’ve been given this blessing of watching these hands do all sorts of miraculous and wonderful things.  I get to feel these hands in mine.  I get to feel these hands when they are freezing cold after playing in the snow.  I get to feel these hands as they touch my back in a hug.  I get to hold these hands, when they were very little all the way til they are grown up big hands.  I am blessed and I cherish my girl’s hands…beautiful and miraculous and a gift.

Well… that was fun.  Five minutes is not a lot of time to write.  And it was only a little hard to not hit the delete key and change something.  I know I have a lot more I’d like to say about my girls and their hands, but I think you get the gist in what I wrote.  I think I’d like to do this again some time soon.  Maybe even next Friday.



  1. Welcome to the party! Thank you for using your hands to share with us about hands (that was cheesy, I know). Thank you for embracing the uncertainty and putting aside your desire to be perfect to share with us.
    did it feel freeing?

  2. This is my first FMF too! You did a great job – really beautiful.

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