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Hello, my friends.

Do you remember my trying Five Minute Friday a while ago?  I wrote for five minutes straight without editing myself (Yikes!) on one topic – Hands.  It was a somewhat scary process and yet, also freeing.  I could just write.  It didn’t have to be perfect.  It just had to be real.

Well I feel like it’s time to try another Five Minute Friday, so I hopped over to Lisa Jo Baker’s site to see what her inspiration word is for today.  The timer is set for 5 minutes.

Five Minute Fridays | Our Rosey Life

BEGIN is the word.

Ready, set, go.

When I saw that “begin” is the word prompt, I immediately thought about our Girlies beginning school again.  It’s only a few short weeks away and then summer is officially over.  Summer may not be over by any official calendar, but it’s over for our family.

Five minute Friday Coneflowers  Our Rosey Life

The freedom of not having any schedules.  The freedom of just going with the moment.  The freedom to go swimming and play games and having friends over to play for four hours and going for bike rides with a picnic and meeting our cousin, Sissy, for lunch and…. the list of happy, fun summer things stops.

This makes me sad.  I will feel a real loss when they begin school again.  I’m trying to push this feeling away…for now…

Five minute Friday Swimming Pool  Our Rosey Life

There are certainly a lot of wonderful things about school.  Learning.  Friendship.  Routine.  Faith.  Creativity.  Challenge.

And I will miss our Girlies.   Still.

I think that’s ultimately what this beginning is about.  Missing them.  It’s about not hearing them giggling at 10 in the morning.  Or fighting at 1pm.  It’s the beginning of very quiet time for me.  Our home will feel empty and quiet for a good part of the day.

Five minute Friday Circle Hoop Play  Our Rosey Life

Lucy our dog will walk around the house looking for the girls.  Looking…looking.

I’ll nod my head and say “I miss them too”.





  1. Awe, so sweet!
    Allie recently posted…Worthwhile Wednesdays #28My Profile

  2. Hi Michele, The subdued sadness of your peace touched me. I’m at the other end of childhood, my daughters are leaving home and that quietness you refer to is all too real to me. There are openings and losses at so many different stages. In your writing I hear a welcome reminder that we need to appreciate the times we have even as they are ending and a new beginning stretches out in front of us. It has been good finding your blog through the Five Minute Friday link up.

    • Hi Juliet, Your words are full of truth for me. I had a sense of sadness as I thought about our girls starting school again and yet a desire to live each moment with them to the fullest as the days click off the calendar. The ying and the yang of life. I’m glad you stopped by to say hello.

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