DIY Wooden Book Crate for School and Library

This is another one of those projects that I wasn’t looking for.

It found me… like this one.

I had just picked out a bunch of $0.99 birthday cards, because I like to keep a stash of them on hand for when the Girlies are invited to birthday parties or when I need a last minute birthday card (Meaning, I forgot to buy one and need to mail one today!)

I walked around the corner and WHAM!  There was a tall stack of wooden crates.  So cute.  Unpainted wood.  Useful somehow.  I knew I had to buy one.

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life

As I was driving home, I was running through my mental rolodex of ideas… What am I going to do with this milk crate?

When I walked in our home, there were a bunch of books scattered on the kitchen table.  (Of course!)  As I walked upstairs, any number of books lined the stairs in the hopes someone would grab them on the way up the stairs and put them away.  (HA! – never happens.)  The Girlies stack their library books on the fireplace hearth.  (I have no idea why.)

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life

And then the mental rolodex of ideas stopped.  Books.  Everywhere.  Can.  Be.  Corralled.  Into.  A.  Book.  Crate!

I am a L-O-V-E-R of books!  And I hope I am passing on the love of reading to our Girlies.  During the summer, we go to the library every week and probably every other week during the school year.  Reading is an escape.  Reading is fun.  Reading is an adventure.

Here’s how you can make a DIY wooden book crate for school and library books.

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life


  1. Wooden crate (found mine at Walmart and I’ve seen them at craft stores too)
  2. Silhouette cut letters or stencils
  3. Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint
  4. Acrylic craft paint
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Gorilla glue
  7. Wheels


Prepping the crate:

1)  Sand the rough edges of the milk crate, so no one gets splinters.  (ouch!)

2)  Paint the entire crate with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone.  Obviously, you can choose whatever paint and paint color you want.  I chose MMS paint for three reasons.

  • MMS is great to use on raw wood, because it soaks up the paint (like a stain).
  • I want to paint a piece of furniture with MMS, but have never used it before, so this was a good trial run for me.
  • I like the color Ironstone.

3)  Paint every other slat blue.  I used a combo of Martha Stewart craft paint – wild blueberry, blue sky and turquoise.

4)  Before the blue paint dries, swipe along the paint with a paper towel to remove some of the paint.  This gives it a rustic look.

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life

4)  Add the wheels to the bottom of the crate.  I decided to glue mine with Gorilla Glue instead of using nails or screws.  I was concerned the screws or nails would split the wood and the Gorilla Glue is easy to use.  Just follow the directions on the bottle.

Creating the stencil:

With my Silhouette Cameo, I created a file – Let’s have an ADVENTURE reading and the arrow.

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life

I decided to use contact paper to create my stencil, because it is less expensive than vinyl.

The settings I used are important, because the Silhouette cut through the first layer of the sticky part of the contact paper but not the backing of the contact paper.  Then it was MUCH easier to separate the sticky part from the backing.  The settings I used:

  • Blade – 2
  • Speed – 6
  • Thickness – 15

After the Silhouette is done cutting the image, peel the letters away and the stencil is ready to go.

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life

Place the stencil on the crate and paint to fill in the letters.  Once the paint is dry, peel away the stencil and your lettering is complete.

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life

Now your DIY wooden book crate for school and library books is ready to fill with your kid’s favorite books or even a backpack from school.

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life

I think the book crate is going to live under the buffet between the kitchen and family room.   That’s where the books seem to collect and pile the most.  Once the crate is full, it will be easy to carry it upstairs to the bookcase and put the books away… at least that’s my hope.   :-)

DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life

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DIY Wooden Book Crate | Our Rosey Life



  1. This is such a fun craft idea!
    Christine at Cook the Story recently posted…Chicken Tortilla Soup in 15 MinutesMy Profile

  2. I like that idea of the Wooden Book Crate.
    I no longer have children at home,and it seems that
    I do collect a lot of magazines,so this would be a handy
    project for me.

    RANDY FULGHAM recently posted…Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800My Profile

  4. This is such a cute idea!

  5. I bet the kids love this, I know I do! Crates are a weakness lol
    Rachel @{i love} my disorganized life recently posted…Homemade Pico de GalloMy Profile

  6. Great idea to keep those books from spreading out across the house! You could even add handles to the sides to make carrying it upstairs even easier :) Very cute!
    Kirsten recently posted…Game Day {Almost} No-Bake Jell-O Strawberry CheesecakeMy Profile

  7. This is so cute! I’m going to be looking for a crate :)

  8. Raina DelRio says:

    What a great idea! My daughter have several of these that I used as toyboxes, that she has “outgrown’ so now I can turn them into functional pieces for her room

  9. I seriously need to make this. It’s brilliant.
    Kim Beaulieu recently posted…Blueberry Mango Mojito: Guest Post by The Little Ferraro Kitchen #BoozeWeek #GiveawayMy Profile

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