Decorate a Spring Mantel around a Flatscreen TV

Decorate a spring-mantel with a flatscreen-tv Each time I plan to decorate my mantel, I have to work around the big ol’ flatscreen tv.  It’s a challenge to balance functionality, because the tv really does work best over the fireplace mantel, and to create a pretty space.  The Christmas mantel is long gone and so now I wonder… How do I decorate a spring mantel around a flatscreen tv?  Here’s how I did it this time.

I created different vignettes with some common elements of springtime, colors (pink, turquoise, lime and white) and style.

Spring mantel vignetteTo decorate the spring mantel around a flatscreen tv, let’s begin on the right side of the mantel.  The canvas shares our family’s theme for Lent (which is the 40 days before Easter).  Our theme is kindness.  We want to show kindness to each other, kindness to our friends, kindness to strangers, kindness to animals, kindness to all of God’s creatures, just as Jesus did.

I simply painted the canvas gray and used a paper punch to make the scallop circles.  Then I used stickers for each letter.  I added a crystal cross, which I think is lovely in it’s simplicity.  And lastly, I made three tulle pom poms for a little whimsy and color.  Vignette #1 – done.

Decorate a spring-mantel with a flatscreen-tv

On the left for the spring mantel, the focus is nature’s beauty – an urn filled with pink tulips and tied with a simple, fresh green, striped ribbon.  I love tulips and for me, they sing spring.  I added a small boxwood wreath and two ceramic bunnies.  All say “hello” spring to me.  Vignette #2 – check.

Decorate a Spring-Mantel with a Flatscreen-TV by Our Rosey Life

For the left side of the firebox, I created our Kindness Tree.  What’s a Kindness Tree?  Each day we write one kind, selfless thing we did on the scalloped paper and then hang it on the tree.  After the 40 days of Lent, we should have a very full Kindness Tree and hopefully positively and quietly touched many souls in our life.  It’s a valuable thing we’re trying to teach our Girlies… selfless kindness.

Beside the tree, I added a lantern filled with a bird’s nest and eggs with a stack of old books.  The boxwood wreath adds another natural element.  Vignette #3 – Taadaa.

On the right side of the firebox stands our fireplace tools and basket with wood.  Who knows?  We still may need to light a fire as winter continues into spring.

Decorate a spring-mantel with a flatscreen-tv

I’m still thinking about making a banner for Easter to hang on the mantel, but haven’t decided exactly what I want to do.  If I do add a banner, I’ll be sure to share with you.

I think it all turned out nicely.  It’s not perfect having to decorate a spring mantel around a flatscreen tv.  It’s hard to ignore the big black behemoth and yet I still smile when I sit down to watch tv.  Now if I could only convince Mr. Rosey to let me paint the mantel white and whitewash the bricks…I hope in time.




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