Create | One Little Word 2015

Create | One Little Word 2015 | Our Rosey Life

Create | one little word 2015 | for me.  Do you have a word as a guiding idea for your new year?

A new year has begun, like opening the first page in a new book.  I just don’t know what is written and how the story of 2015 will unfold…yet.

I truly believe the new year will be awesome.  I’m not unrealistic to think there won’t be unexpected “yucks” during the year and yet, I do believe the year will be filled with mostly rosey wonderfulness.  I tend to look to the positive.

I’m a huge fan of choosing one little word to be a guiding light throughout the new year.  It’s a subtle reminder and also an actionable reminder of what I want and of what’s important to me at this time in my life.  In the past, my one little word has helped me to stay focused and motivated to reach my goals.  It has helped me to remember to celebrate the simple, everyday things.

In 2013, my word was this one and last year it was this one.  I started thinking about both words in the fall and they were each good choices for me in the moment.

Create | One Little Word 2015 | Our Rosey Life

For 2015, my word snuck up on me at the last minute.  I’d thought about a bunch of words for a few months, but none fit until I read the word “create” a few days ago.   As I mulled it over for a few more days, I kept feeling a strong, positive vibe.  I like this word.  So…

Hooray!  Create.  I like it.

I love to create.  I love the creative process.

Create… joy and fun
Create… a healthy lifestyle
Create… fun parties
Create… a beautiful, welcoming home
Create… special moments
Create… yummy meals
Create… pretty paper projects
Create… time to relax and refresh
Create… magic
Create… stuff
Create… create… create

Heck yeah!  I love a blank slate.  I love a fresh idea.  I love creating something from nothing.

I hope you {create} will inspire me to try new things.  I hope you {create} will energize me to make more.  I hope you {create} will encourage me to carve out space and time for myself.

We’re going to be good, good friends this year.

CREATE, 2015!!  Let’s get started!

Do you have a special word as a guiding idea for 2015?  Please share the what and why.  I’d love to know.


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