Click, Inspire, Smile Day 26:: Kindness

Hello.  This is Day 26 of my Click, Inspire, Smile 31 day series. To read all the posts in order, start with Day 1 and I hope you find goodness throughout the entire month of October.

Pink Roses and Kindness

I love this quote.  It touches my soul.  I truly believe that kindness can change your life… both giving kindness and receiving kindness.

Have you thought about what kindness really means?  The dictionary defines kindness as having a good or benevolent nature as a person; considerate, helpful, gracious, courteous, generous, compassionate.

Remember the last time someone gestured for you go in front of them in line… say the line at the grocery store.  Have you ever had someone ahead of you pay for your coffee in the Starbucks drive-up?  What about the cute kid who holds the door open for you?  Love it!  Aren’t these simple acts of kindness that just make your day?

And when you show simple acts of kindness, you make someone’s day a little brighter.  Saying please and thank you to the store clerk is a winning idea.  Making a big bowl of chicken noodle soup for a mom who has a cold is gracious and surely appreciated.  Smiling and saying hello is kindness in its simplest form and so easy to do.

The thought of sharing kindness with each other is such a part of my soul that I don’t feel like my writing is doing it justice.  I guess the picture and quote says it all for me.  Perhaps I should have left it at that.

Until tomorrow my friend~

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