Click, Inspire, Smile Day 13:: God Never Leaves…

Hello.  This is Day 13 of my Click, Inspire, Smile 31 day series. To read all the posts in order, start with Day 1 and I hope you find goodness throughout the entire month of October.

God never leavesLife is made up of peaks and valleys and lots of in betweens.  Regardless of where I am in my life, I know I am not alone.  And you are not alone.

During the low points, I know God holds my hand and guides me through the trials.  And He helps you too.

At joyous moments, He celebrates right next to me.  And He cheers for you too.

And especially on most days, which are beautifully ordinary and simple, He walks beside me.  And He walks with you too.

And I feel His presence, His love always.  My prayer is that you do too.

Until tomorrow my friend~

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If you’d like to read the 31 days series Click, Inspire, Smile  beginning with Day 1 through today, please click here.




  1. A great reminder! Hope you are feeling better!

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