New Magic Sunrise Morning

New Magic Sunrise Morning | Our Rosey Life

There is something magical about each new morning sunrise!  Do you get to see the morning sun rise?   To read this 31 day inspirational series about finding and celebrating the Magic at ... [Continue Reading]

A Magical View

Hazy morning autumn | Our Rosey Life

When I wake up each morning, after the immediate basic necessities are done (no details needed here - insert smiley face ) I look out the window.  I look out the window to check the weather.  Is it ... [Continue Reading]

Magic at Home:: A 31 Day Series

Magic at Home - 31 day series | Our Rosey Life

Yep.  I'm doing it again.  This will be my third year. To see what I wrote about my first year, click here. To see what I wrote about my second year, click here. I'll be honest with you.  I ... [Continue Reading]