Some Moments Are Always Magical

Some Moments are Magical | Our Rosey Life

I am blessed to be married to Mr. Rosey. We are blessed to witness two amazing people say yes to living life's journey together.  A life of unknowns.  A life of peaks and valleys.  A life of love and ... [Continue Reading]

New Magic Sunrise Morning

New Magic Sunrise Morning | Our Rosey Life

There is something magical about each new morning sunrise!  Do you get to see the morning sun rise?   To read this 31 day inspirational series about finding and celebrating the Magic at ... [Continue Reading]

Happy Memorial Day

Sweet Land of Liberty America Flag Memorial Day| Our Rosey Life

Happy Memorial Day!  This day is usually a day for family and friends to gather together.  We fly Old Glory by the front door.  We relax, laugh, share a picnic and some cherry pie and gratefully ... [Continue Reading]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter tulips and He is Risen by Our Rosey Life

I wanted to hop in today and wish you a Happy Easter!  As we reflect on the gift God gave us in Jesus, I hope your day is filled with lots of love from family and friends and... a few chocolate ... [Continue Reading]

Simple Thing Sunday:: Sandy Hands and Seashells

Five Minute Friday:: Hands by Our Rosey Life

For Simple Thing Sunday::  I'm remembering the pure happiness of sandy hands and seashells. I like simple things.  I like simple moments.  It's no secret that I take pictures to try to capture the ... [Continue Reading]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

An Irish Prayer with hydrangeas - Our Rosey Life

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The lucky little leprechauns came to our home overnight and created some mischief.  To see some of the funny pictures, check out my Instagram page.  Or to see what those ... [Continue Reading]