Bless the Food Before Us:: Free Printable

Bless the food Printable | Our Rosey Life

Our kitchen chalkboard has had this thought chalked on it from Thanksgiving through the new year... Bless the food before us... I love it! And I'm ready for a change. I have found another ... [Continue Reading]

10 Free Pretty Printable 2015 Calendars

10 Free, Pretty Printable 2015 Calendars | Our Rosey Life

I bought a page a day calendar this year.  It is called "Happy Thoughts".  Who wouldn't be happy reading a new, happy thought each day?  Except I couldn't see the happy thoughts before I bought the ... [Continue Reading]

Christmas Card Memory Book {Silhouette Project}

Christmas Card Memory Book {Silhouette Project} | Our Rosey Life

This is a project I've been thinking about for a-g-e-s and I am beyond thrilled to share it with you today! After the new year begins and I de-Christmasfy our home, I always struggle with what to ... [Continue Reading]

Birthday and Anniversary Reminder Tags – Free Printable

Birthday and Anniversary Reminder Tags | Our Rosey Life

Hey there.  I am so happy to share this idea with you today! I was trying to figure out how to remember birthday and anniversary dates this year.  I want to remember ahead of time, so I can mail a ... [Continue Reading]

I Am Thankful For…

I am thankful for... | Our Rosey Life

Thanksgiving is always a good time for me to remember the blessings and gifts in my life.  After a beautiful day yesterday at my Aunt's home with family, I'd like to take a quiet moment now and ... [Continue Reading]

Turkey Straw Topper

Turkey Straw Topper | Our Rosey Life

My Girlies love sipping lemonade with a straw, drinking water with a straw, and blowing bubbles in their milk with a straw.  (The bubbles part drives me nutto, but hey, they're kids.)  Everything ... [Continue Reading]

Thought for the Day and Free Printable

Make today ridiculously amazing | Our Rosey Life

Just a simple thought for the day. It will be magical. I hope you do. If you would like to see this happy reminder everyday, you can!  Simply click below and print.  It is sized for 8.5 x 11 ... [Continue Reading]