Create | One Little Word 2015

Create | One Little Word 2015 | Our Rosey Life

Create | one little word 2015 | for me.  Do you have a word as a guiding idea for your new year? A new year has begun, like opening the first page in a new book.  I just don't know what is written ... [Continue Reading]

5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014 | Our Rosey Life

As I look over the 5 most popular blog posts of 2014, based on your readership, I have to agree with you!  These posts are ones that I really loved doing and it must have showed! I also want to ... [Continue Reading]

Five Minute Friday:: Hands

Five Minute Friday:: Hands by Our Rosey Life

I'm trying something new today.  It's called Five Minute Friday. A few weeks ago I found Lisa Jo Baker's blog through my friend Lauren's blog, The Thinking Closet.  Lauren had just written a post ... [Continue Reading]

What To Do This Year 2014?

List of to do's in 2014 - Our Rosey Life

I saw this list on Pinterest and I liked it.  It's not about resolutions.  I don't do resolutions.  In my mind, it's a list of "to dos" for 2014.  As a family, we answered the questions and it was fun ... [Continue Reading]

Hello 2014

A new day Colorado sunrise Our Rosey Life

Hello 2014. I am excited for a new year full of hope and goodness and magic and blessings.  I'm not a Pollyanna to think the year will be free of sadness or disappointments, but when put on the ... [Continue Reading]

Special Someones – My Haven Conference Experience

Sand Heart Haven

Do you remember your first day of school as a high school Freshman?  I remember.  I was nervous...and excited. The night before my first day, I remember spending a lot of time trying to figure out ... [Continue Reading]