Best Magic Words Ever

We were in our family bedtime routine.

You know.

Change into jammies.

Brush and floss teeth.  Brush hair.

Climb into bed.  Say prayers.

When I went to kiss Little Miss C goodnight, we had this funny chat.

Little Miss C:  No sugar until you say the magic word.
Me:  What do you mean NO sugar??
Little Miss C:  Giggles….and more giggles

And so I thought about the magic word.

Me:  I love you.
Little Miss C:  No Mommy.  It’s in your bathroom.
Me:  Huh?  What about….rainbows?
Little Miss C:  No Mommy.  It’s in your bathroom.
Me:  Ice cream?
Little Miss C:  Mommy, go to your bathroom.

In my bathroom, I found the three best magic words ever written on a kleenex.

Kleenex Note that says I love Mom Magic at Home | Our Rosey Life

In case you couldn’t guess… I got a little sugar from Little Miss C… and then some!


So what do think are the best magic words ever??  

I hope you heard them today!


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