About Me

Welcome!  I’m Michele and I’m so happy you’re here.

Truly I am!Our Rosey Life

I’m married to Mr. Rosey and we have two Girlies – Big Sis M and Little Miss C.  They are the jewels in our life and keep us on our toes.  We are suburban Chicagoland folks; however, it feels like the country because our home backs up to the forest preserve and pond.  Yes, we see lots of mother nature – birds, deer, coyotes, rabbits, turtles, raccoons.  (Whoa a hawk just flew by as I was typing this – seriously beautiful!)

I am blessedly imperfect and always working towards perfection.  It’s my achilles heel.  I always try to be the best wife, mom, and me and need gentle reminding that “good enough” is good.  Yep, good enough is good.  There’s the reminder.  On this journey, I am looking for grace and the goodness in life each day.

Some things bring a smile to my soul::

  • birds chirping on a spring morning (goodbye winter)
  • kindness
  • a long chat with a friend
  • a chippy chest of drawers
  • the nonstop Girlie chatter on the ride home from school
  • college football (Boiler Up and M Go Blue!)
  • curling up with a good book
  • big hydrangea blooms
  • the hoots and hollers when Mr. Rosey walks in the door at dinnertime
  • my grandma’s blueberry muffins hot from the oven

Oh yes, I get choked up seeing true happy stories on television.  Really I do.

At Our Rosey Life, I share my passion for all things at home – pretty décor, fun family stuff, yummy food, and creative anything.

  • I love making our house our home.  It’s where I work and play everyday.  One of my favorite things is creating a cozy space.  Cozy is good (especially with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book).
  • I love to cook and bake.  Sitting down to a delicious meal with family and friends and laughter is the best.  Won’t you grab a plate and join us?
  • I love anything handmade.  I’m inspired to work something simple into something beautiful, to give new life to something old and to just make pretty stuff.  I hope you’re inspired too.
  • I love to record the events of our life through journalling, pictures and storytelling.  I want to remember and share the everyday, simple things that make our life rosey (and sometimes not so rosey).
  • I love to read books and my secret wish… shhhh…. is to maybe, hopefully, someday write a book.  Remember it’s our secret.


So come along and let’s share all kinds of goodness.  Let’s laugh.  Let’s be inspired.  Let’s rejoice.  Let’s live a rosey life.  Let’s do it together.  I’m so glad you’re here!

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