$600 Back-To-School Paypal Cash Giveaway

$600 Back-To-School Paypal Cash Giveaway | Our Rosey Life

The Girlies and I have been shopping for school supplies for the last couple of days.

THEM::  They love picking out their school stuff.

ME::  I love that they are happy.  I don’t love the cost.  Here’s me asking “Do we really need another ruler?”

LITTLE MISS C::  “Yes, Mom.  My teacher collected all the rulers last year,b because the boys were using them as swords and she forgot to give them back to us on the last day.”

ME::  Ugh!  And so it goes.   :-)

I figured you could use a little cash to buy some back-to-school supplies too!

A group of 30 Bloggers have donated $20 each and are hosting this fantastic

$600 Back-to-School Paypal cash Giveaway

 But, the best part is there are even MORE chances to be a winner.

We will be giving THREE winners $200 EACH!

That’s a whole lot of rulers and pencils and whatever else you might need.

The only mandatory thing you have to do is leave a comment letting me know what you would do if you won the giveaway.  (HINT – Doesn’t have to be for school supplies only.)

Then, you have up to 60+ more chances to enter simply by liking and following all of the participating blogs.  Following or liking the blogs only offers extra chances to win.  It is not mandatory.

The giveaway is open TODAY (Aug 7th) from 8am and ends Aug 14th at 8pm.

Winners will be announced Aug 15th and funds will be sent via paypal as soon as everyone has been notified!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. What a great giveaway ~ should would be put to good use for our 2 grandsons we are raising.

  2. suzan tucker says:

    Great site – great contest. thanks

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