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Hello friends.  We have been taking down all the Christmas decorations this weekend.  I always feel a certain sadness to say goodbye to Christmas and also excitement for the new year’s adventures.  I was vacuuming oodles and oodles of pine needles off the floor and mantel and stairs.  And while I was vacuuming, I thought “I love this vacuum!”   Really I do.  And who loves a vacumm?  Raise your hand please.  Ok some of you.  That’s good.

I kept vacuuming and thinking about what other stuff I really love and a list kinda came together in my head.  Now let’s not get confused here.  I really love my family first and foremost.  At the same time, some stuff really makes life easier… happier… fun for me, so I thought I’d share my random list of a few favorite things with you.  By the way, no one is compensating me for my list.  It’s just little ol’ me and my opinion.

1)  Seize the Day Calendar
Seize the Day Calendar

I think this is the coolest daily calendar.   I love that each day, I begin with reading an inspirational quote, thought, or idea.  I’m all about starting the day on the right foot with a positive thought.

2)  Nars Velvet Gloss Lip PencilNars gloss velvet lip pencil

I know.  I know.  You’re thinking – a lip pencil?  They’re always dry?  Not this one.  I was shocked.  The lip pencil goes on smoothly and feels like a lip gloss without the tacky lip gloss feel.  I use it like a lip stick versus just outlining my lips.  My favorite color is New Lover and it’s a fairly sheer pink with a little shimmer – great for every day.

3)  Luxe Plush Throw
Restoration Hardware Luxe Blanket

I’ve had this throw for a few years and it’s always the one everyone grabs to snuggle.  It’s thick and soft and warm.  There is nothing better for movie watching on a cold winter night.

4)  Perigord Compote Bowls
perigord compote bowls

I received these compote dishes for my birthday and I adore them.  I wanted something lovely for the table, that was dishwasher safe and kid-friendly.  Waalaa!  They are pretty and sturdy.  I’ve used them for grapefruit, ice cream and a pear salad so far.

5)  Miele S8 Home Care
Miele S8 home care vacuum

And this is the item that kicked off my favorite-things-mind-wandering-while-vacuuming list.  We put in hardwood floors on the main floor last summer.  After spending the money for the hardwood, I wanted the right vacuum to help maintain the floors.  After a lot of research, I decided on the Miele S8.  It has great suction, doesn’t scratch the hardwood, and has attachments galore.  It wasn’t a cheap purchase, but neither was the hardwood flooring.  Mr. Rosey about had a heart attack, but he knows I vacuum almost daily and some things are worth it.  I AM a happy camper while vacuuming!

So those are a few of my favorite things.  What’s a favorite something you like?  I’d love to know.








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