Girlie Pink Hot Chocolate

Girlie Pink Hot Chocolate | Our Rosey Life

Our Girlies L-O-V-E hot chocolate, especially Little Miss C.  Sometimes I think she'd drink it every day during the wintertime, if... I let her. For the past two days, school was cancelled because ... [Continue Reading]

Homemade Chex Party Mix Recipe

Homemade Chex Party Mix Recipe | Our Rosey Life

Hey!  It's party snack time! And that means it's time for my homemade Chex party mix recipe! While we kick back and watch collegiate and professional football games on television, my family ... [Continue Reading]

Bless the Food Before Us:: Free Printable

Bless the food Printable | Our Rosey Life

Our kitchen chalkboard has had this thought chalked on it from Thanksgiving through the new year... Bless the food before us... I love it! And I'm ready for a change. I have found another ... [Continue Reading]

10 Free Pretty Printable 2015 Calendars

10 Free, Pretty Printable 2015 Calendars | Our Rosey Life

I bought a page a day calendar this year.  It is called "Happy Thoughts".  Who wouldn't be happy reading a new, happy thought each day?  Except I couldn't see the happy thoughts before I bought the ... [Continue Reading]

Christmas Card Memory Book {Silhouette Project}

Christmas Card Memory Book {Silhouette Project} | Our Rosey Life

This is a project I've been thinking about for a-g-e-s and I am beyond thrilled to share it with you today! After the new year begins and I de-Christmasfy our home, I always struggle with what to ... [Continue Reading]

Birthday and Anniversary Reminder Tags – Free Printable

Birthday and Anniversary Reminder Tags | Our Rosey Life

Hey there.  I am so happy to share this idea with you today! I was trying to figure out how to remember birthday and anniversary dates this year.  I want to remember ahead of time, so I can mail a ... [Continue Reading]

Create | One Little Word 2015

Create | One Little Word 2015 | Our Rosey Life

Create | one little word 2015 | for me.  Do you have a word as a guiding idea for your new year? A new year has begun, like opening the first page in a new book.  I just don't know what is written ... [Continue Reading]