Share It Sunday {51}

Welcome to another wonderful weekend of Share It Sunday! Next week marks the one-year anniversary of Share it Sunday!  Thank you for sharing your creative ideas with us each week and if ... [Continue Reading]

Share It Sunday {50}


Welcome to the 50th Share It Sunday! We can hardly believe we have hit a milestone together!  It's the 50th Share It Sunday and we are very grateful and happy that you continue to share your best ... [Continue Reading]

Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party {3}

Our Favorite things Pinterest Party (1)

Welcome to Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party! We are so very glad you could join us! Let's meet our hosts... Gina from Gina's Craft Corner Katie from View from the Fridge Carissa from ... [Continue Reading]

Share It Sunday {49}

Share it Sunday feature

Welcome to another great Share It Sunday! I decided to do something crazy... again!  At the last minute, I decided to write for the month of October on one topic.  I did it in 2012 and 2013 and ... [Continue Reading]

Thought for the Day and Free Printable

Make today ridiculously amazing | Our Rosey Life

Just a simple thought for the day. It will be magical. I hope you do. If you would like to see this happy reminder everyday, you can!  Simply click below and print.  It is sized for 8.5 x 11 ... [Continue Reading]

Best Magic Words Ever

Kleenex Note that says I love Mom Magic at Home | Our Rosey Life

We were in our family bedtime routine. You know. Change into jammies. Brush and floss teeth.  Brush hair. Climb into bed.  Say prayers. When I went to kiss Little Miss C goodnight, we had this ... [Continue Reading]

Where’s the Magic Today?

Garden stepping stones - Where's the magic today | Our Rosey Life

I think I was awake more than I was asleep last night. I remember... ...looking at the clock at 12:27am when Mr. Rosey came to bed and kissed my cheek ...getting up at 1:25am to help Little ... [Continue Reading]